Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Raaco ASL Storage

This is my second installment on my new and improved ASL counter storage using Raaco inserts and Duratool (Raaco clone) storage cases.  Once I decided to use the Raaco storage system, I had to organize it.  This is my engineer side talking here.  I created a diagram of where all of the counters would go, using the Raaco insert layouts.  Here is an example of the Japanese organization:

I created an org chart like this for each of my nationalities.  Some nationalities, like the Japanese, Chinese, Italians, and Allied Minors, consisted of one page, or one layer in the Raaco box.  Other nationalities, like the Americans, Germans, British and Russians filled the whole box, both layers.  Here is the link to the PDF of the entire org chart for all nationalities.

I use a Brother label maker to create labels for all of the inserts.  I like white text on a black label.  here is my American box as an example.  With my Brother label maker, you can connect to a PC and create custom labels with any font and even use graphics.  Note my American box with the Marine insignia.

Below is my entire ASL army in two Duratool Handy Box clones, with 8 storage boxes.  I have one extra on top, which I may use for informational counters or the Finns when they come out!


  1. Very handsome work, Brett!!

    Rgds Jack

    1. Thanks, Jack. Chris at BattleSchool was my inspiration!

  2. Stylin'!

    Agree Brett, the white on black tape pops.

    Knowing how much work is involved, I'm impressed that you have completed 8 cases. Did you keep track of how many rolls of tape you used?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Well, I'm not done yet! :-)

      I've completed the Japanese, Chinese, U.S., Commonwealth, Germans, and Russians. I still need to label the Axis minors, Allied minors, French, Italians, and Hungarians. So far, I've used 3 rolls of tape. But I've put all of the Germans into one case, along with the Brits, Americans, and Russians in one case each. So I may not have divided everything as granularly as I could have, but it works. These are really nice. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I just need to play more....!

  3. Hello Brett - I myself am currently looking into what ASL counter storage solution i should pick. I wanted to know if you have been very happy with the Raaco "clone" boxes you purchased. Regular Raaco boxes are out of my price range being that i live in the USA.

    I've read the the Duratool "Segmented" lid can lead to counter migration. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts now that presumably you have had this Raaco "clone" system for a few years.