Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Company Scale System - the Battle for Saipan

 So I have been playing Compass Games' CSS System Saipan: The Bloody Rock.  Adam Starkweather designed this one as well as he MMP Grand Tactical Series, and both are very similar.  Both are awesome designs.  The chit pull system is the heart the game, but how to get the chits in the cup is the blood that flows.  Each division (or brigade sometimes) has a certain amount of dispatch points that are accumulated by a combination of die rolling and dispatch rating.  This rating is the measure of the ability of the division's command and control.  Sometimes you have enough points to do what you want; many times you don't. It's an interesting game system.  And the Marianas Campaign Battles, Guam, Saipan, and Tinian, are very fun to play.  Yes, the Marines will probably win.  But the Japanese have a lot to play with, and can deal some hurt on the Americans.  Here are photos of the progress of Day 1 on Saipan.  Each day has 9 turns, every two hours, from 0700 - 1700 with 2 night turns.  

Now on to day 2!  My plan for the Marines is to take the Aslito Airfield and clean up as much of the south as possible.  The Japanese must continue to fortify their fall back positions in the hills there in front of the 2 MARDIV positions.  This area will see some tough fighting over the next few campaign days.  

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